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I am doing a project and we are only supposed to do pseudocode showing Modules, Case selections, If ands. etc. I know how to request, and input data, how to do loops, and create case selections but how do I create and call on modules? When I did a forum search it I couldn't find what I was looking for.

TL;DR: looking for how to create and call modules.

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Your lecturer is probably referring to Functions or Subroutines when referring to Modules.

Some languages might use "Call Module arg1, arg2" while in AutoIt you call a Function by just referencing it, such as "Module(arg,1 arg2).

Then again, the module may be contained in a DLL, but that is another whole can of worms.



Phil Seakins

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More likely, as most all languages use the function naming convention, you are looking for UDFs - which are the closest AutoIt has to importable "modules". Either way, you can find information on both Functions and UDFs in the WIki.

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