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Commands To Stop Scripts

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hey all, i am working on a script that will loop or "repeat, 1000" times, my question is this, s there a command i can put in to stop the script while its running?

below is a sample script i am playing with.

WinRestore, Diablo II

Sleep, 100

Repeat, 1000

LeftClick, 260, 480 ;click npc sell button

Sleep, 50

LeftClick, 446, 185 ; click on item to sell(hand weapon)

Sleep, 20

LeftClick, 446, 185 ; confirm sell

Sleep, 50

RightClick, 117, 358 ;click on weapon where it was sold

Sleep, 20

RightClick, 117, 358 ;buy weapon back

Sleep, 50


I want to be able to stop the script if i press a certain key or series of keys. I hope you know what i mean because right now, if the script is running and I hit alt-ctrl-del to attempt to stop it, it doesnt stop and i need to hard boot my machine.

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