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Change color of text inserted in to list box

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   I search and came close to finding what I wanted but not quite. I have a "status" listbox that I show system messages in. It always put the current message at the top and scrolls what is already there down. What I would like to do is add a "Color" parameter which will set the color on current line of text about to be inserted. Here is the function I use to insert the text in the very first position of the listbox:


Func ScrollData($Column, $Value)
    _GUICtrlListBox_InsertString($Column, $Value, 0)
    _GUICtrlListBox_SetCurSel ($Column, 0)


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I have been looking at the ListView and haven't been able to find any example of a scrolling list where you insert an item in the top of the list and it move the rest down one. Do you know of any examples along that line?

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Thanks you both for the time your have invested in helping me. It looks like ListView might be the way to go. What I am actually doing is trying to recreate a program written years ago for someone in Access. The guy retired and I am playing around with re-coding it in AutoIt. A screenshot of the old program is attached. I have already coded that part that collects the information and I have stored it in a Sqlite database. Each line in the GUI below is one row in Sqlite. The part that is going to be the killer is re-vreating this "Viewer". Based on the screenshot do you think ListView in conjunction with Koda would be the way to go?




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