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hi dear friends.


i need to use search transparent image on screen. i tried some librarys. but those are not working as my want.

help me. how i can done this 

#include "ImageSearch2015.au3"
#include <Date.au3>

Global $x = 0
Global $y = 0


Func hey()
    $balikcisaniye = _Date_Time_GetTickCount()
    $array = _ImageSearchArea("bul.bmp", 1, 0, 0, @DesktopWidth/2, @DesktopHeight/2, $x, $y, 2,0x000000)
    if($array = True) Then 
        $balikcisaniye1 = _Date_Time_GetTickCount()
        MsgBox(1,"","Found." & $x & "-" & $y & " / " & $balikcisaniye1-$balikcisaniye)
        MsgBox(1,"","Not Found.")

Func heyo()

while 1

the library used on this script : (KutayAltinoklu)



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You did not answer my question.  I know WHAT you want to achieve.  I am asking what is the application from which you are searching images ?

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See you soon with a legitimate question I hope.

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