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Several years ago Microsoft  published Office 2010 Starter. Office 2010 Starter was a free Office 2010, however some functions were disabled.
It installed only Microsoft Word and Excel and showed Microsoft advertisments during use.

Microsoft Starter 2010 works with a virtualization technology like V-App. It does not really install Office on your computer, but a virtualized office (like Office in a virtual machine).
To do this it creates a drive Q: which is not user accessable . If you are using drive Q: already, Office 2010 Starter won't work.

Office 2010 Starter could be installed using  a setup (SetupConsumerC2ROLW.exe) which downloaded the installation files from internet.
Sometime around 2012, Microsoft pulled the plug, so  the installation files couldn't be downloaded anymore.

A few days ago, I found the old executable and behold, I got it working again on my old computer with Windows 10 installed.
So Microsoft quietly activated the Office 2010 Starter files again, but will they pull the plug again in the near future ?

I found out that if the installation files are available locally, the setup won't need internet during the installation.
However the setup does not keep the files after installation, so I had to figure out how to get the installation files together locally.
Monitoring the installation I got some partial information how to download all the installation files needed.

This information was used to create the Office 2010 Starter downloader v1.0.
Be ware, this script works as is. Not a lot of error checking has been put in place. E.g. I do not check for downlad errors, but every language folder should be about 700 - 900 MB.

You are allowed to use this script in anyway execept asking money for it.
 In return, I ask you to donate at least € 1 or $1 to an organization against cancer in your country. E.g https://www.kwf.nl/donatie/donation



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Please download the updated script Office2010S_Download_1F.zip (see attachment in first post)

I have updated the script (now v1.0.1), because I noticed twice, some files were not completely downloaded.
This could be potentially frustating when you try to install Office 2010 Starter later.😉

The script now requests the filesize before downloading and checks the size after each download.
If the file was not downloaded completely, the script wil inform the user and ask comfirmation to download the file again.

Only some main languages like Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian and Turkish and Ukrain were tested😀
Downloasing the files could take anything from 5, 10, 20 or even 30 minutes, so the other language have not yet been tested.
Should the download for a language not work, some feedback would be appreciated.

Also from the downloaded files, I only installed the Dutch, English and Turkish Office 2010 Starter (all seperately) as a test.


Known issues: 

  • I am using an alternative explorer, and noticed it froze periodically during download, however I have like over 100 Chrome tabs open, so that may also be part of the freeze.




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