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SciTE - UTF8BOM only for au3 files

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If you have set the property 


each file, that will created in SciTE, get this encoding.

If you work only with au3-files, it's OK. But if you also use e.g. lua-files, the BOM must removed.

Therefore I've made another solution:

-- TIME_STAMP   2021-04-15 14:02:19

After a file was saved, the event OnSave will fired.
Now will checked:
- needs this file typ the BOM?
- If Yes: Has this file already the BOM?
-		  If No: Write the BOM sequence at the beginning of the file

If you want register other types as "au3" for set BOM use this property in SciTEUser.properties:

#~ File types, that needs byte order mark
#~ "au3" is predefined and does not need to be set here
BOM.File.Types=extension_1 extension_2

CheckBOM = EventClass:new(Common)

CheckBOM.OnSave = function(self, _file)
	if not self:NeedsBOM(props['FileExt']) then return nil end
	if not self:StartsWithBOM(_file) then scite.MenuCommand(153) end
	return nil

CheckBOM.StartsWithBOM = function(self, _file)
	local ToHex = function(_s)
		if _s == nil then return "DEAD" end
		return (_s:gsub('.', function(_c) return ('%02X'):format(_c:byte()) end))
	local fh = io.open(_file, "rb")
	local read = fh:read(3)
	return (ToHex(read) == "EFBBBF")

CheckBOM.NeedsBOM = function(self, _ext)
	local extensions = props['BOM.File.Types']:lower()..' au3'
	if extensions:find(_ext:lower()) then return true else return false end

Load the "CheckBOM.lua" with your "SciTEStartup.lua" and, if required, create the property "BOM.File.Types" to add other file types for using BOM.


Best Regards BugFix  

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