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Revisiting GUICtrlCreateLabel and text centering

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(since necroing old post is not allowed/recommended)
With regards to Melba23's script

#include <StaticConstants.au3>

Const $iGUIWidth = 300
Const $iGUIHeight = 160

$sTempGUIMessage = " Correct!" & @CRLF & "520" & " ms"

$hGui = GUICreate("Testing", $iGUIWidth, $iGUIHeight)

; Create the label asking Windows to size it
$cLabel = GUICtrlCreateLabel($sTempGUIMessage, -1, -1, Default, Default, $SS_CENTER)
; And get its size
$aPos = ControlGetPos($hGUI, "", $cLabel)
; Calculate the position
$iX = ($iGUIWidth - $aPos[2]) / 2
$iY = ($iGUIHeight - $aPos[3]) / 2
; And move the label
ControlMove($hGUI, "", $cLabel, $iX, $iY)
GUICtrlSetBkColor(-1, 0xCCFFCC)

Thought it manages to center a label vertically and horizontally, my concern is that, this is only valid for a static label.

What if I altered the text on the label using GUICtrlSetData and the text will no longer be centered.
Doing a ControlGetPos and ControlMove the 2nd time wont work.

I need to center a Text (horizontally AND vertically) on a GUI (either it be Label, or otherwise).
Text can be 1 liner, or 2 lines or more. And I need to be able to set font as well.

Creating a label using: GUICtrlCreateLabel($text, -1, -1, Default, Default, 0x01)
somehow negates font settings: GUICtrlSetFont ($gui, $lab, 400, 0, "Verdana", 5)

Currently, I am thinking of constantly creating and deleting these Labels as needed. But creating and deleting as often as 100ms worries me.

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According to your issue described above.

You could hide control maybe ? So you won't move them and break their status. 


I'm not sure but, maybe you could also try to redraw your GUI with 



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