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Autoit WinMenuSelectItem not working on ImageJ

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I have a function below:

Func CheckmagethroughImageJ()
   $isdone = WinMenuSelectItem("ImageJ", "", "File", "Quit")
   MsgBox(0,"Notice","complete action?:" & $isdone)

The function is simple, it will select the menu on ImageJ -> Press "File" -> Press "Quit"

I have tried WinMenuSelectItem open Notepad and it could work, also able to open a self made application.

However, The WinMenuSelectItem() does not work in Imagej, or anyone know any alternate way?


*ImageJ are opensource image processing application

I also tried added "&" on the file, it still could not open.

$isdone = WinMenuSelectItem("ImageJ", "", "&File", "Quit")

Snipshot of menu that i want to open



Thank You~


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In help file under WinMenuSelectItem :


WinMenuSelectItem() will only work on standard menus. Unfortunately, many menus in use today are actually custom written or toolbars "pretending" to be menus. This is true for most Microsoft applications.

Try using _GUICtrlMenu_GetMenu and the other functions to parse the actual text of the menu.  If you cannot grasp the text then you will have to use UIAutomation.

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