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I need help - willing to pay.

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Hello community,

I dont have the time to read all the guidlines because im a full time dad worker and father of 2... So i hope i dont get banned, i need help and im willing to pay for it - win-win.


I got involved in a small project and I need to automatize something.

its simple, not for me but it looks like it, i dont have the time or energy to spend days trying to learn it, never thought kids consume so much time and energy.

anyhow, i have a horizontal line formed of colorful columns. - will show in pictures what i mean.

There are 2 colors, blue and red. The goal is to read the same color in the same spot 3 times in a row, and if the 3rd time is the same color, then autoit would have to perform 3 mouse clicks, then to look for another 3 colors in a row in the same spot and do another 3 clicks when the other color hits the spot 3 times in a row.

1. the line is constantly moving from right to left. The line is formed of blue and red columns, as shown in picture nr.1 

                         only the blue and red lines are to be read. 

2. when red line reaches 3rd time on the reading spot, mouse will perform 3 clicks in 3 at 3 different coordinates (coordinates will change periodically, so i will set them up, can be filled with random coordinates for intial script.

3. after the clicks were performed, the macro should wait for the next color to appear (blue in this case), and when/if blue reaches 3rd time the reading spot, mouse will perform again 3 clicks at 3 different coordinates.

4. the process should loop forever until stopped by user.

It's critical that the script will not perform the same clicks if the same color is read 3 times again, for example: RED reaches the Reading Spot a 3rd time and it immediately performs 3 clicks, then RED columns keep coming for the next 2 hours, but the script doesnt perform 3 clicks every 3 RED columns, instead waits for the BLUE to reach the reading spot 3 consecutive times and only then it performs 3 clicks... then it waits again for red to reappear 3 consecutive times in the reading spot.


I know its not complicated, i just dont seem to understand how to make it not read the same color over and over again, but instead to make it wait for the next color and only then perform the clicks. 


it might be a 10 minutes job for someone knowing his way around autoit.


Please if anyone is willing to help I would be happy to compensate.


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I can't see a way to edit my post, I can state that I have read the guidelines and this post doesn't violate any of them. The project is not part of gaming or software or any kind of development. It's a local project, nothing major. Please if anyone is willing to help, I'm in dire need. 

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Per our community guidelines for anyone who doesn't want to actually do the scripting themselves, this topic will be locked. If anyone is interested in doing the work for you they will contact via PM.

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