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    • By badeend
      I'm trying to create a graphic with a time axis from an excel file. 
      I had to change the times to timepassed in seconds because otherwise i could not get the graphic to plot like i wanted.
      This could work on a cleaner way but i can't fix it.
      The big question i'm having is if i can get the handle from the lines i plot so that when i plot (for example) 8 i can select which ones i can show on the graph.
      Or is the only way to do this plot the graphic again every time with the lines that i want to visualize.
      The excel contains the following data for now :
      column 1: value1 to be plotted
      column2: date of all the values
      column3: empty (i use this in my code)
      column4: value2 to be plotted
      1143,186 2018-02-08 23:13:21,000   15,12461 I added my code after this. Thanks for any help!!
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