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How to mod colors 4 diablo 2!

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by the way that is my character/picture. To mod diablo you will need a few tools: cv52, dt1 tools, paint, ACDSee. Run CV52 and go to your diablo II path, and locate yourself to the .mpq you want (either data.mpq[diablo II non-expansion] or exp.mpq[diablo II expansion]). Go to Data.mpq --> Global ---> titles ---> (the act you want) ---> (the location you want) ---> the dt1. Right click the dt1 then save it to the DT1 TOOLS FOLDER. Once there, open the first example (.bat) with notepad and change the "tristram" to "your dt1 file name" (do this for all 4 .bat's). Now double click the .bat #2 and it will split the .dt1 into 3 files (2x .pcx's and 1x .ini) Choose the pcx you want (one is floor and one is walls) and open it in ACDSee. Once it is open, right click it and convert it to a .bmp and save it to a notable location. Then open that bmp with paint. MODIFY THE COLORS OF THE .pcx in paint. Once done, take that modified file and open it in ACDSEE and convert it back to .pcx. Now save it and copy it back to the original DT1 File with the same name as it started with. Now run .bat #3 and it will convert the 2x .pcx's and 1x .ini back to an .dt1. BUT, make sure you remove the "1-" infront of the .dt1 when you want to use it or it won't work. Now place this in your mod file at the same location you got it from [Data.mpq --> Global ---> titles ---> (the act you want) ---> (the location you want) ---> the dt1]




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