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Knowing WIndows or process opening

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I'm a new user in this forum, but I use AutoIT for many years

(sorry for my stupid english)

I have did programmed a remote crontoll for comand my PC by PHPpage

but I have a problem

Can I know the window (or process) opened in the pc, with AutoIT?

an Array, or soon...

Sorry soorry for my incomprensible English :lmao:

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is not possible? :lmao:

I am not sure I understand what you want but I think you need to look at ProcessList in the help files. If this is not what you need please try to explain again.

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If you're looking to find if a process is running on a remote system, you have two options.

Used the built in command from XP called "tasklist.exe" (You maybe interested in is taskkill.exe as well)

Then check out the utilities from http://www.sysinternals.com/ProcessesAndTh...sUtilities.html

Hope that helps.

You have more than two options! ;) You could always use the TASKLIST and TASKKILL command's that come with the windows support tools. :lmao:

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