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How to sent to the Edit1 a lot of files (140)

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What you can do is to:
Copy the content of the edit field into a variable. e.g. $copy=GuiCtrlRead($edit1)
Add $cmdlineraw to the variable. $copy=$copy & $cmdlineraw (eventually add "& @crlf" here as well, if needed)

Clear the editor text, then add the $copy to the edit field.

then repeat as much as you like


Edit: Try this 1st:

You mentioned a truncated text.

This can be due to the byte limit of the editor field.

You can increase it with :

_GUICtrlEdit_SetLimitText($Edit1, 20000000)

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If you place all the files in an otherwise empty directory, you could try this --

  • Navigate to the desired directory in the File Upload dialog (you can do that by setting Edit1 to the directory and then clicking Open)
  • Send Ctrl+A to control containing the file listing to select all files
  • Click Open button again

P.S. How are you interacting with the other web elements?

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