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    • By water
      This is the modified version of MrCreatoR's "Simple Library Docs Generator".
      It allows to create CHM help files that look like the AutoIt help file.
      In additon this CHM files can then be used with Advanced.Help.
      This a very early alpha version - so it is miles away from being perfect. It's just something for you to play with.
      The documentation is in the making and will be published as soon as possible.
      BTW: If you like this UDF please click the "I like this" button. This tells me where to next put my development effort
    • By water
      Due to corona I have a  lot of spare time at the moment. So I started to create a "real" help file fo the AD UDF (MS Active Directory).
      This help file should look/work like the AutoIt help file.

      Attached you find the first beta of the AD help file.
      Done so far:
      Similar functions have been assigned to a group (example: mail, mailbox and Exchange related functions have been assigned to the "EMail" group) Content, Search and Index tabs work Formatting is similar to the AutoIt help file Introduction page ToDo:
      Fill index tab Use folder icons Set the correct font size for the TOC Enhance the CSS to fully match the formatting of the AutoIt help file Create a documentation so you can create CHM files for other homegrown UDFs Create pages for the chapters - return an error message at the moment Upgrade to the latest version of Microsoft HTML Workshop Seems 1.3 is the latest What do you think?
      Is something still missing on the ToDo-list?
      Comments please
    • By DagSa
      Try to find a solution for help files to my autoit executable.
      Its installed from simple XP-POS cash computers to desktop with windows 7, 8, 10.
      The compiled AutoIt program itself work everywhere, but the help file??
      I need a help file called from from the program and I don't really know what working best in all OS platforms.
      1. A wordfile is helpful enough, but word is not installed everywhere.
      2. RTF is very big files with pictures.
      3. I could save it as pdf, but not all have it either.
      4. Tried  .MHT file, but downside is browser could cover hole screen if browser closed this way. I have not found any way to resize it to specific size when open up.
      5. Use of IE.au3 lib. Well it could open mht files ,but always got question about use it as default browser or not. Think this also make IE browser lose control so I could not resize.
      6. Look at making a  .CHM file, but I don't think its the future do use that format. (.hlp is no no and old)

      Any tips of do it in autoit or make a call to open up in some nice format working everywhere.
    • By oceanwind
      Want to call .net func _Help::ShowHelpIndex.Here is the link in msdn:https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us//library/system.windows.forms.help.showhelpindex.
      I wrote the script below:
      $dll = DllOpen("C:\Program Files\Reference Assemblies\Microsoft\Framework\.NETFramework\v4.0\System.Windows.Forms.dll")
      $result = DllCall($dll, "none", "ShowHelpIndex","HWND", 0,"wstr","D:\Program Files\AutoIt3\AutoIt3CHS.chm")
      Func _check_result()
              If @error Then
                      ConsoleWrite(">--|error:=" & @error & "|--<")
                      ConsoleWrite(">--|$result:=" & $result[0] & "|--<")
      Can someone give some advices?
      tks in advance
    • By kcvinu
      Hi all,
      I know this is crazy idea. But for me, this is for my practice. A simple program to view the UDFs posted in this forum.
      Please see the attached image. 
      First of all i am saying thanks for Juno_okyo. I got a *.md file from his GitHub depositary. When i saw this file, i thought i can make a tool with this file. So i have created an array with the file(With the help of autoit.I didn't type even a single character). 
      Using this program.- First, choose an item from the combo box. Then all topics under that item will be displayed in the list box. Then select a topic from the list box. And its description will be displayed in the label. Then if you really want to see the whole post, you can press the "Go To URL" button. The specific post is in your screen. 

      Here is link to the exe file.
      UDF Link Viewer V1.0.0.Exe
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