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How to Interact with Webpage Dialog using _IE udf

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I'm trying to test an old application that is accessed via IE only.  The individual pages with all the controls to interact with are displayed within a Webpage Dialog popup.

Every time I use _IE options to launch the page, the entire script freezes.  i've searched this forum but all I find is to launch a 2nd script ahead of time to close the Dialog window, but I need to actually interact with it.

Anybody know how I can do this?



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I ended up using _IE to log in and get to just before clicking the Go button to launch the webpage dialog.  Then I switched over to UIAutomation to click GO and then deal with all the controls in the Dialog window.  

Surprisingly all of the individual controls have $UIA_AutomationIdPropertyId names which is making this probably the easiest app to automate with UIA that I've dealt with so far.

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