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How to not paste text if characters are below or above a certain number?

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So I have this code. It pulls text from a txt file, removes the characters that I want removed, and then pastes the result somewhere:

Local $MyFileLocation = @ScriptDir & "\my.txt"

Local $FuckedUpString = FileRead($MyFileLocation)


Local $FuckedUp2 = $FuckedUpString
Local $Cleaner

Local $Removal[6]
    $Removal[0] = "-"
    $Removal[1] = "_"
    $Removal[2] = "."
    $Removal[3] = ","
    $Removal[4] = " "
    $Removal[5] = "|"

For $i = 0 To UBound($Removal) - 1
    $Cleaner = StringReplace($FuckedUp2,$Removal[$i],"")
    $FuckedUp2 = $Cleaner

Send($Cleaner, 1)

I think this code is very beautiful and easy to understand, anyone can use it :)

What I would like to add to this is, if the result that needs to be pasted (after cleanup) is 4 characters or less, or 7 characters or more, then remove everything, don't paste anything.

I'm coming up empty when searching. Not sure how complicated this would be to implement. If anyone can help I'd appreciate it.


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