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How to use array as input in IE

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Hi All,

I was searching for a topic here but I was not able to find one that can answer my problem. I posted yesterday about how to read excel and I was able to get it done (thanks to Subz) but my problem now is how I can use the values I got as an input in IE. It gives me an error when trying to use it directly. I am attaching sample image of the error. Sorry I can't copy the text since it was restricted as I am working remotely


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Local $datawb.worksheets("Sheet1").Activate

You need to remove the Local at the beginning of this line.

For $x = 1 UBound($aMyData) - 1

You're missing the "To" between 1 and UBound.

As far as setting the value of the Input element, take a look at the help file entry for _IEFormElementSetValue.

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