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Scite Problem with Text-Colors: Autoit and Scite(Full) in Virtualbox (Linux Host) -> Win7

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I have a problem with parts of the text in Scite. See attachment. For example, if I uncheck the font background under "Tools" in SciteConfig/General2, then they are back (checked) in the next time I start. Nothing changes in the problem...

Does anyone have an idea? 


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Try adding this to your SciTEUSer.config:

technology On Windows Vista or newer, this can be set to 1, 2 or 3 to use the Direct2D and DirectWrite APIs for higher quality antialiased drawing or 0 to use the older GDI. The default is 1. The value 2 causes the frame to be retained after presentation which may prevent drawing failures on some cards and drivers. 3 may also prevent drawing failures on some cards and drivers but with lower speed.


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