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Can't find a way to HotKeySet Win key + Q (#q does not work) - (Moved)

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Hi everyone! Just and easy one I guess, is there a way to set Win Key Q shortcut as an HotKeySet?

I have been trying a bit of everything without results.. "q{LWin}"  "q & {LWin}"  ("{LWin}" & "q", "#q"  ecc..



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Moved to the appropriate forum, as the Developer General Discussion forum very clearly states:


General development and scripting discussions.

Do not create AutoIt-related topics here, use the AutoIt General Help and Support or AutoIt Technical Discussion forums.

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hey  thanks a lot for your replies!


Is simply aiming to close or minimize active window 

would be amazing to replace the alt+q alt+w with something like win left {LWIN}  key or anything that activates combo win+q  win+w


HotKeySet("!w" , "Minimize")
HotKeySet("!q", "Kill")

While 1

Func Minimize()
    WinSetState ("[ACTIVE]", "", @SW_MINIMIZE)

While 1

Func Kill()
    WinClose ( "[ACTIVE]", "" )


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WIN+w --> reserved by Windows for Whiteboard
WIN+q --> reserved by Windows for Query
WIN+s --> reserved by Windows for Search

convince yourself with this script:

_HotKey("#w")   ; is reserved by Windows --> Whiteboard
_HotKey("#q")   ; is reserved by Windows --> Query
_HotKey("#s")   ; is reserved by Windows --> Search
Func _HotKey($hotkey = "")
;       ! ALT  + SHIFT  ^ CONTROL  # WinKey
    Switch @HotKeyPressed
        Case "{ESC}"
            Exit 0*MsgBox(0, Default, "Exit", 3)
        Case "#w"
            Beep() ; will never beep
        Case "#q"
            Beep() ; will never beep
        Case "#s"
            Beep() ; will never beep
        Case Else
            If Not IsDeclared("hotkey") Then Return MsgBox(16 + 262144, Default, "No CASE statement defined for hotkey " & @HotKeyPressed,15)
            If HotKeySet($hotkey, "_Hotkey") = 0 Then Return MsgBox(16 + 262144, Default, "Hotkey " & $hotkey & " invalid or set by another application.",15)
EndFunc   ;==>_HotKey

While Sleep(100)
    MsgBox(262144, Default, "Press ESC to Exit." & @CRLF & @CRLF & "or WIN+w / WIN+q / WIN+s  to verify the WIN Keys." ,3)



App: Au3toCmd              UDF: _SingleScript()                             

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Hey  thanks for your reply! just tried your script & you are totally right aswell, I sort of found a manual work around with this two articles:


this works for Win+q (not with Win+w): https://winaero.com/disable-certain-winkey-shortcuts-in-windows-10/ 

this works disabling with windows whiteboard (Win+w) but still can not assign it https://www.windowscentral.com/how-disable-windows-ink-workspace-windows-10


temp solution was assigning minimize to win+y and with WindowsPowerToys with admin right assign key remap Win+y to Win+w. this managed to work


it is a bit wonky but seems to work! If someone has any other idea on how to mute/disable win+w windows ink workspace and assign hotkey in a clean way super happy to do so


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here is trick it's disable Win+R;

Disable Win+R:

#include <Misc.au3>
HotKeySet("{ESC}", "_exit")
Global $dll = DllOpen("user32.dll")
Global $iPID
While 1
    If _IsPressed("5B", $dll) And _IsPressed("52", $dll) Then ;if Left Win Key[5B] Pressed And R Key[52] Pressed then
        WinSetState("Run", "", @SW_MINIMIZE)
        WinSetState("Run", "", @SW_DISABLE)
Func _DeleteTab($handle) ;;DeleteTab
    Local Const $sCLSID_TaskbarList = "{56FDF344-FD6D-11D0-958A-006097C9A090}"
    Local Const $sIID_ITaskbarList = "{56FDF342-FD6D-11D0-958A-006097C9A090}"
    Local Const $sTagITaskbarList = "HrInit hresult(); AddTab hresult(hwnd); DeleteTab hresult(hwnd); ActivateTab hresult(hwnd); SetActiveAlt hresult(hwnd);"
    Local $oTaskbarList = ObjCreateInterface($sCLSID_TaskbarList, $sIID_ITaskbarList, $sTagITaskbarList)
    Local $hWinhandle = WinGetHandle($handle)
    $iPID = WinGetHandle($handle)
EndFunc   ;==>_DeleteTab
Func _exit()
EndFunc   ;==>_exit


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