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Array Display with Excel style functionality

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Hello forum,

This is more a general question.

Since i see that usually Arrays are displayd using ListViews iam curious if this is also the best way if the ArrayDisplay should also behave a bit like Excel Workbooks.

I currently use "GUICtrlCreateInput" to create cells to display a 2D Array.
Currently i can select whole rows and single cells by just clicking at any cell of a row.
I also can highlight text and copy it.
Since i dont have headers yet i cant select colums at the moment and i dont have functionality to save an edited cell.
But i know how to do it. Thats not a problem.

My only question is if this is the right track or if there are better and maybe even faster solutions than generating Excel style editable 2D grids with "GUICtrlCreateInput". Maybe ListViews can also do that? But as far as i saw they can only select one whole row and no individual cells which are also not editable.

Okay, maybe i should also add what functionality i need:

  • Cell Single => Select , Copy , Edit , Save
  • Cell Row => Select, Copy
  • Cell Column => Select, Copy
  • Cell All => Select, Copy

Thank you! :)

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