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winwaitactive not working on a window inside of another window

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I am trying to do winwaitactive inside of another window that pops up inside of the other window. I am trying to auto answer calls that I receive on dialpad. winwait active doesn't work on windows inside of another window. Is there anything I can do, to do this another way? I have been searching the help files for days. Can someone please help?

while 1
winwaitactive("Incoming call")


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It basically starts by what can au3inf see/highlight

if window is not seen you quickly come to UIA automation / UIASpy / SimpleSpy

If UIA is not seeing it you boil down to pixelgetgolor, pixelchecksum, bitblt, ocr related functions

If it doesn't work thru UI then maybe the application has an API that can be used

All differ in complexity so more details on what you want to achieve can help to guide better

see faq 31 and 40 for some references


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