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Why does the controlclick not working? - (Moved)

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Hello, i try to make a skript which should click on the right side of the window by controlclick.

Wenn the window below appears than the Value "VORDERWAGEN AUSSEN" ist maked!

i want klick to the right side in the windows  vor Example: to the Value "LED-SCHEINWERFER"

i want send a control click to the right side to the Window below. the window controls are in the Autoit Window on the left side. i try to make a code to klick in one of the Values on the right side of the window.

the title of the window is "SDII:FI - Grafische Erfassung (KFIEMD02) [101321422]     Ausgabe 12.20"

my skript is longer than the code below. But my problem is in this part of the script.


#include <WinAPI.au3>
AutoItSetOption('MouseCoordMode', 0)
AutoItSetOption("WinTitleMatchMode", 1)


ControlClick("SDII:FI - Grafische Erfassung (KFIEMD02) [101321422]     Ausgabe 12.20","","[CLASS:SVWORK; INSTANCE:6]","left",1,905, 13)

Whe i run the script, the script focus the window and dont click to the position.

The ID:90 is for the hole window on the right side.  When i use the Finder tool to ckeck the values in this window, than only the controlclick coords changes.

i ty many thiks to find out how to click in the rihgt side of the window.


I have the feeling that i need a focus click or somthink like this.




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