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Script that uses a lot of mouse click coordinates

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I'm writing a script that uses a lot of specific mouse clicks to automate tasks on my browser, server system, and email software for work.
Sometimes the system gets updated or someone drags a handle to the left or right and I have to put in new mouse click coordinates.

It would be a lot more easy to label them and put them in some sort of ini file, but then i have to load every X and Y (and sometimes mouse speed) into a variable
when loading the script.

How would you guys go about such a script, any ideas on how to store and load lot's of click coordinates from a file?
There are some pixel color checks, sleeps and other code between the mouse clicks too..

Ideas i had so far:
- string replace new coordinates in the main script with another autoit script that uses a crosshair to show every mouse position.
- manually write an ini file and load every X, Y, Speed into a huge number of variables: $Searchinput_X = iniread...., $Searchinput_Yiniread...., $Searchinput_Speed = iniread....
- split a textfile line by line into an array and ignore labels that begin with ";" for example (a bit like a custom ini file)

These all seem somewhat tedious i guess..

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  • Solution

How about extracting all MouseClick from the au3 file and convert them into a ini file (assuming you can associate each MouseClick to a unique name : maybe by having a comment after the MouseClick naming the action).  Once this is done, you could read the ini file into the new Map var type. Each entry would be a string of three elements (e.g. X|Y|Speed).

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20 minutes ago, Nine said:

How about extracting all MouseClick from the au3 file and convert them into a ini file (assuming you can associate each MouseClick to a unique name : maybe by having a comment after the MouseClick naming the action).  Once this is done, you could read the ini file into the new Map var type. Each entry would be a string of three elements (e.g. X|Y|Speed).

You mean like an array of strings "x|y|s" and then split them every time by "|"?

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Yes.  You can create a MouseClickEx function that would do that for each action.  You would only need to pass the name of the MouseClick, and it would do all (search map, get the 3 param and click the mouse accordingly).

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2 hours ago, Nine said:

You could add more info into the ini file : button, sleep time after click, number of click, etc...  It would be a very general clicker that way.

unfortunately "maps" are still in beta and unstable..
i have to make some sort of multidimensional array instead, the thing is.. i use filereadtoarray to get an array of elements from a file, those lines need to be split and after that i need to put them all together into a multidimensional array. it's funny, i need a 2D array and a normal array in a loop to fill up the final multidimensional array :p

Local $n = 0, $x = 1, $y = 2, $s = 3
Local $file = FileReadToArray('nxys.txt')
Local $map[@extended][4]
$map_max = @extended-1

For $i = 0 To $map_max
    $split = StringSplit($file[$i], '|', 3)
    $map[$i][$n] = $split[$n]
    $map[$i][$x] = $split[$x]
    $map[$i][$y] = $split[$y]
    $map[$i][$s] = $split[$s]

Func map_mouse_move($name)
    Local $i
    For $i = 0 To $map_max
        If $map[$i][$n] = $name Then
            MouseMove($map[$i][$x], $map[$i][$y], $map[$i][$s])
            Return True




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55 minutes ago, TheAutomator said:

unfortunately "maps" are still in beta and unstable.

Wrong, it is prod in and it is stable.

But if array is what you understand more, i guess you should go ahead with it, but you are missing a good opportunity to learn a new approach.

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Posted (edited)
Global $position[]
Func position($label, $x, $y, $speed = 10)
    Local $sub[]
    $sub.x = $x
    $sub.y = $y
    $sub.s = $speed
    $position[$label] = $sub



position('refresh'          , 95, 65)
position('downloads'        , 1823, 63)
position('pdf drag'         , 1608, 121)
position('pdf drop'         , 1368, 505)


Func mouse_move($name)
    Local $key = $position[$name]
    MouseMove($key.x, $key.y, $key.s)

Func mouse_click($name)
    Local $key = $position[$name]
    MouseClick('main', $key.x, $key.y, 1, $key.s)


I included 4 positions as an example, would it be a good idea to read the keys to a variable?
or should I do "mousemove($position[$name].x, $position[$name].y....)"?

If i think correctly, the example code that stores a temp "key" variable would be less work for the cpu right?

Edited by TheAutomator
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