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Gimagex from Win Embedded to Windows Server

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I have a Windows 7 Embedded Standard machine that shit the bed. I was able to clone the drive to a VM and it's back up and working fine.

Problem is, I need to clone it back to a physical machine but I'd really like to get rid of the embedded OS and go with a Server 2012 R2 OS instead.

I have the 2012 disc with product key, what I don't have is a way to activate the software being used on the embedded OS. The company went belly up and their activation servers are gone. When I cloned to the VM it was still activated so I'm wondering if I can somehow move to a Windows 7 full version (again, have that and product key) which I can then upgrade to Server 2012 while keeping the software activated.

Can Gimagex get me from embedded to full Win 7?

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