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Nice addition!

I would make the integration simpler and not use an EXE .... especially not IPXed!.

  1. Unzip the source & ico's to the SciTE Subdir in  SciTE_PlusBar.
  2. Add something like this to your SciteUser.properties : (Use any free number above 39)
    # 45 SciTE_PlusBar  
    command.45.$(au3)="$(SciteDefaultHome)\..\AutoIt3.exe" "$(SciteDefaultHome)\SciTE_PlusBar\SciTE_PlusBar.au3"
  3. Make these changes in the Script: Add FileChangeDir to set the workdir to the scriptdir:
    ; Create an ImageList control for icons

You probably also want to test whether the script is already running to avoid running it multiple times!

#include <Misc.au3>
If _Singleton("SciTE_PlusBar", 1) = 0 Then Exit


It would be nice to develop this further by moving all options into an array at the top so it is easily configured as far as which option to show/hide and they sequence. :) 




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Posted (edited)

a attached Menu bar for SciTE  UpGrade :)

Add new ability:
Menu editor
to reorder the items,
enable, disable items
add any existing menu by simply add the text name,
add any script or executable as entry,
many different settings,
and many  different profile for other programs from SciTE 


summary instructions.png



Please, leave your comments and experiences here

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Posted (edited)


for the menu entry 'possibly used before declaration'   1598125501_220803143531311_SciTE_BDwzq.png.a12a98c9c54ba5877fca6f544fa5ab88.png





I added to the data base and the 'User Defined Function'



so you can find with the same  entry the missing  #include entry



Just replace the entire _sqlite folder where it is in CMD folder ;)




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