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I have this chunk of code....

Func ShortC()                    ;Writes keys
   $Exist = FileExists ("Keys")

   If $Exist = 0 Then        ;checks to see is file exists  
      DirCreate("Keys")        ;if not creates it

   $Path = FileSelectFolder("Choose a file.", "", 0)                  ;gets values
   $File = FileOpenDialog("File EXE", "C:\Program Files\", "Files (*.exe)", 1) 
   IniWrite( ".\Keys\" & $Key, $Key, "F6P", $Path)                    ;then write the values
   IniWrite( ".\Keys\" & $Key, $Key, "F6F", $File)

The problem i'm having is that it won't write the ini file, if i use regular input boxes for the path and file it will write it but if i use the FileSelcetFolder and FileOpenDialog it won't write

non-related question:

also, i want to take a file from a folder and make a shortcut of it to put on the desktop. I found the FileCreatShortcut command but i don't understand how to use it

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The issue is that the FileSelectFolder/FileOpenDialog are changing the default directory ( i think)

This works fine:

IniWrite( @scriptdir & "\Keys\" & $Key, $Key, "F6P", $Path)                   ;then write the values
  IniWrite( @scriptdir & "\Keys\" & $Key, $Key, "F6F", $File)

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Where you want the shortcut to be created at, like the help file says. The shortcut has to exist somewhere on the system, too.

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