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WebDriver UDF - Help & Support (IV)

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but my other problem is not solved. What did I do if there is no ID I can search for?

All other buttons have this HTML code, only the value is the difference and the form where the button lies:

<input type="submit" value="XXX">

example for a button in form 4:

<input type="submit" value="AKM-TR Weitergeleitet">
$FCM_FORMULAR_PPC_DETAILS2 = _IEFormGetObjByName($oIE, "fcmPpcDetailsForm",4)
_IEFormSubmit ($FCM_FORMULAR_PPC_DETAILS2, "AKM-TR Weitergeleitet")

How can I find this elements and click on it?

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14 hours ago, Danp2 said:

@NolleWedThere is a list of tools in the Webdriver wiki page that are designed to assist you in identifying the correct xpath or CSS selector.

With this link I tried to find out the xpath, but I don´t know what to do: How to search by Xpath/Css in Chrome Developer Tools? | testerlive (wordpress.com)

With F12 I open the console and find the element in HTML code like I always do it

<input type="submit" value="AKM-TR Weitergeleitet">

Then I went to console and type in $x("//input") and get 96 results

The one I need is this:

71: <input type="submit" value="Abbruch ausführen">

accept: ""

accessKey: ""

accessKeyLabel: ""

align: ""

alt: ""

assignedSlot: null

attributes: NamedNodeMap [ type="submit", value="Abbruch ausführen" ]

autocomplete: ""

autofocus: false

baseURI: "https://prodtalos.de.pri.o2.com/talos/fcm/ppc/details.do?command=view&fcmId=158402685"

checked: false

childElementCount: 0

childNodes: NodeList []

children: HTMLCollection { length: 0 }

classList: DOMTokenList []

className: ""

clientHeight: 18

clientLeft: 2

clientTop: 2

clientWidth: 116

contentEditable: "inherit"

dataset: DOMStringMap(0)

defaultChecked: false

defaultValue: "Abbruch ausführen"

dir: ""

disabled: false

draggable: false

files: null

firstChild: null

firstElementChild: null

form: <form name="fcmPpcDetailsForm" method="post" action="/talos/fcm/ppc/details.do">

formAction: "https://prodtalos.de.pri.o2.com/talos/fcm/ppc/details.do?command=view&fcmId=158402685"

formEnctype: ""

formMethod: ""

formNoValidate: false

formTarget: ""

height: 0

hidden: false

id: ""

indeterminate: false

innerHTML: ""

innerText: ""

isConnected: true

isContentEditable: false

labels: NodeList []

lang: ""

lastChild: null

lastElementChild: null

list: null

localName: "input"

max: ""

maxLength: -1

min: ""

minLength: -1

multiple: false

name: ""

namespaceURI: "http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml"

nextElementSibling: null

nextSibling: #text "

nodeName: "INPUT"

nodeType: 1

nodeValue: null

nonce: ""

offsetHeight: 22

offsetLeft: 336

offsetParent: <td colspan="4" align="center">

offsetTop: 0

offsetWidth: 120

onabort: null

onanimationcancel: null

onanimationend: null

onanimationiteration: null

onanimationstart: null

onauxclick: null

onbeforeinput: null

onblur: null

oncanplay: null

oncanplaythrough: null

onchange: null

onclick: null

onclose: null

oncontextmenu: null

oncopy: null

oncuechange: null

oncut: null

ondblclick: null

ondrag: null

ondragend: null

ondragenter: null

ondragexit: null

ondragleave: null

ondragover: null

ondragstart: null

ondrop: null

ondurationchange: null

onemptied: null

onended: null

onerror: null

onfocus: null

onformdata: null

onfullscreenchange: null

onfullscreenerror: null

ongotpointercapture: null

oninput: null

oninvalid: null

onkeydown: null

onkeypress: null

onkeyup: null

onload: null

onloadeddata: null

onloadedmetadata: null

onloadend: null

onloadstart: null

onlostpointercapture: null

onmousedown: null

onmouseenter: null

onmouseleave: null

onmousemove: null

onmouseout: null

onmouseover: null

onmouseup: null

onmozfullscreenchange: null

onmozfullscreenerror: null

onpaste: null

onpause: null

onplay: null

onplaying: null

onpointercancel: null

onpointerdown: null

onpointerenter: null

onpointerleave: null

onpointermove: null

onpointerout: null

onpointerover: null

onpointerup: null

onprogress: null

onratechange: null

onreset: null

onresize: null

onscroll: null

onseeked: null

onseeking: null

onselect: null

onselectstart: null

onstalled: null

onsubmit: null

onsuspend: null

ontimeupdate: null

ontoggle: null

ontransitioncancel: null

ontransitionend: null

ontransitionrun: null

ontransitionstart: null

onvolumechange: null

onwaiting: null

onwebkitanimationend: null

onwebkitanimationiteration: null

onwebkitanimationstart: null

onwebkittransitionend: null

onwheel: null

outerHTML: "<input type=\"submit\" value=\"Abbruch ausführen\">"

ownerDocument: HTMLDocument https://prodtalos.de.pri.o2.com/talos/fcm/ppc/details.do?command=view&fcmId=158402685

parentElement: <td colspan="4" align="center">

parentNode: <td colspan="4" align="center">

part: DOMTokenList []

pattern: ""

placeholder: ""

prefix: null

previousElementSibling: null

previousSibling: #text "

readOnly: false

required: false

scrollHeight: 18

scrollLeft: 0

scrollLeftMax: 0

scrollTop: 0

scrollTopMax: 0

scrollWidth: 116

selectionDirection: null

selectionEnd: null

selectionStart: null

shadowRoot: null

size: 20

slot: ""

spellcheck: false

src: ""

step: ""

style: CSS2Properties(0)

tabIndex: 0

tagName: "INPUT"

textContent: ""

textLength: 17

title: ""

type: "submit"

useMap: ""

validationMessage: ""

validity: ValidityState { valueMissing: false, typeMismatch: false, patternMismatch: false, … }

value: "Abbruch ausführen"

valueAsDate: null

valueAsNumber: NaN

webkitEntries: Array []

webkitdirectory: false

width: 0

willValidate: true

<prototype>: HTMLInputElementPrototype { stepUp: stepUp(), stepDown: stepDown(), checkValidity: checkValidity(), … }

But now I don´t know how to put this in an xpath code 😌

Normaly I use //input[@name='xxx'] or  //input[@src='xxx'] or //input[@id='xxx'] , but there is no name, scr or id

Please help 

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Can´t use the free tool, because I have no rights to install tools on my PC (at work) :(


all buttons with type submit in the HTML code:

<input type="submit" value="XXX">

work fine with this code:

Local $sButton2 = _WD_FindElement($sSession, $_WD_LOCATOR_ByXPath, "//input[@value='XXX']")
_WD_ElementAction($sSession, $sButton2, 'click')
_WD_LoadWait($sSession, 2000)


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I'm working on an AutoIT script to keep Edge Webdriver up to date.  When the logged in user has admin permissions to the computer, the script works well.  If not, both  _WD_IsLatest_Release and _WD_UpdateDriver fail with @error=$_WD_ERROR_GeneralError.  The update also fails when logged in as a standard user using RunAs administrator.

I have attached the script and one of the log files for reference purposes.  At 08:12 in the log file, I ran the script logged in as an admin user.  All other attempts were run as a standard user.

Any suggestions?


WebDriverUpdate.au3 WebDriverUpdateDebug.log

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@PaulSIf you look at _WD_IsLatestRelease, it is simply performing an InetRead against the URL "https://github.com/Danp2/au3WebDriver/releases/latest", which shouldn't require any special permission AFAIK. What OS are you using?

What do you get for output from the following?

Local $sGitURL = "https://github.com/Danp2/au3WebDriver/releases/latest"
    Local $sResult, $aOptions = [0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 8]
    For $iOption In $aOptions
        $sResult = InetRead($sGitURL, $iOption)
        ;### Debug CONSOLE ↓↓↓
        ConsoleWrite('@@ Debug(' & @ScriptLineNumber & ') : $iOption = ' & $iOption & '  >  Error code: ' & @error & @CRLF)

P.S. I believe there have been past discussions where InetRead was failing on attempts to connect to Github due to security protocols.

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@Danp2  Thanks for the quick reply.   Your comment about InetRead failing due to security protocols got me thinking, so I checked our web content filter.  Guess what...both github.com and msedgedriver.azureedge.net were being blocked for the standard user, and not for the admin user.  THANK YOU!!!


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  • 2 weeks later...

Hi Dan,
thanks again for your work!
Your function _WD_UpdateDriver() checks and installs current webdriver if necessary. In my program I want to show the existing and the new version before the update. 
I have so far only the workaround that I modify the function in wd-helper, so put 2 global variables, which I can then use in my program. However, my modification is gone with each update from you. Is there a way to get the values of $sDriverCurrent and $sDriverLatest somehow also "outside" as global just as information? 


Edited by HJL
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33 minutes ago, HJL said:

Is there a way to get the values of $sDriverCurrent and $sDriverLatest somehow also "outside" as global just as information? 

_WD_GetWebDriverVersion can be used to obtain the $sDriverCurrent. There currently isn't a way for you to get $sDriverLatest unless you download the file into a temporary location and then use the above function on it.

; Remarks .......: When $bForce = Null, then the function will check for an updated webdriver without actually performing the update.
;                  In this scenario, the return value indicates if an update is available.

In theory, we could change the functionality of _WD_UpdateDriver so that it returns an array containing these values when $bForce = Null.

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1 hour ago, HJL said:

Your function _WD_UpdateDriver() checks and installs current webdriver if necessary. In my program I want to show the existing and the new version before the update. 

hm...it can be handy in some way in one of my case.

I have a project where browser is only on local network with strongly protected area.
I need to get browser version, store it in INI then update driver on different computer with internet access.

So I need to check browser version, store them, and download related driver later.

This is one of my case on my TODO list.

@Danp2 can we combine this two fatures together ?



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Hi @Danp2

I didnt know any Programing language before, but after 1 week finding and copy from this forum, Now I can code by myself a simple script to let my PC automatically grab data from some url and save them.

But all of these urls are simple, so I easily copy whole of the content then edit the strings step by step

And now, I want to grab the data in a not simple website (with me), and I found this topic.

Could you help me how to get the number of shipments in this URL: https://importkey.com/search/TRUONG THANH INCORPORATED COMPANY with the Xpath "//*[@id="mat-tab-label-3-0"]/div/span/app-number-viewerapp"


Edited by hahnhwang
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https://www.autoitscript.com/wiki/WebDriver#FAQ #7

You don't need an array in this case. However, 

Local $sElement = _WD_WaitElement($sSession, $_WD_LOCATOR_ByXPath, '//*[@id="mat-tab-label-0-0"]/div/span/app-number-viewerapp', 100, 5000)
Local $sText = _WD_ElementAction($sSession, $sElement, 'property', 'innerText')

MsgBox(0, "Total", $sText)


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