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AutoIt donation forces $5?

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I just started using AutoIt and it's amazing - life changing actually. I'm shocked that a product this awesome is freeware. Anyway, I would like to donate and I found the donate link, however the link is forcing me to donate only $5. I can't change the donation amount. Do I just have to do multiple $5 donations? Seems silly...

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On 2/26/2023 at 4:04 PM, Danp2 said:

Try adjusting the number at the end of the URL to the desired amount you want to donate.

Thanks a lot. Turns out if I just remove the '5' from the URL completely then I can enter any amount I want. Nice!

So just to confirm before I send, "Jonathan Bennett" is who I should send PayPal donation to?

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4 minutes ago, Jos said:


Thanks. PayPal wants to charge me some ridiculous 'conversion fee'. Before I donate with PayPal is there any other cheaper alternative besides paypal that AutoIt will accept for donations? If not I'll just go ahead with PayPal, the fee just annoys me.

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@Jon Add some crypto wallet it would helps many of us that are no able to donate with PayPal and bank accounts.



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