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We get new features but the awareness does not propagate and become common knowledge fast enough so, here is an example of use:

Opt("SetExitCode", 1)

Func Example()
    Local $n, $a[6] = [5, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1]
    For $n = 1 To 100
        ToolTip('..crashing in ' & $a[$n], 50, 50, "CrashTest")
        ConsoleWrite('..crashing in ' & $a[$n] & @CRLF)
EndFunc   ;==>Example

Func __OnAutoItExit()
    Local $sExitMethod
    Switch @exitMethod
        Case 0
            $sExitMethod = "closed by natural closing."
        Case 1
            $sExitMethod = "closed by Exit function."
        Case 2
            $sExitMethod = "closed by clicking on exit of the systray."
        Case 3
            $sExitMethod = "closed by user logoff."
        Case 4
            $sExitMethod = "closed by Windows shutdown."
        Case Else
            $sExitMethod = "closed by no clue."

;~  If @exitCode Then MsgBox(262144, @ScriptName, "I could do something with the error from here", 2)

    MsgBox(262144, @ScriptName, "Oh !, wait, we now can  =)" & @CR & _
            @CR & "The error was: " & Hex(@exitCode) & _
            @CR & "Meaning: """ & FatalErrormessageFromExitCode(@exitCode) & """" & _
            @CR & "and the ExitMethod was """ & $sExitMethod & """" & _
            @CR & @CR & " =)", 60)
EndFunc   ;==>__OnAutoItExit

Func FatalErrormessageFromExitCode($iExitCode)
    ; from the help file
    Local $sExitCode = 'uncatalogued event'
    Switch $iExitCode
        Case 0x7FFFF068
            $sExitCode = '"EndWith" missing "With". '
        Case 0x7FFFF069
            $sExitCode = 'Badly formatted "Func" statement. '
        Case 0x7FFFF06A
            $sExitCode = '"With" missing "EndWith". '
        Case 0x7FFFF06B
            $sExitCode = 'Missing right bracket '') '' in expression. '
        Case 0x7FFFF06C
            $sExitCode = 'Missing operator in expression. '
        Case 0x7FFFF06D
            $sExitCode = 'Unbalanced brackets in expression. '
        Case 0x7FFFF06E
            $sExitCode = 'Error in expression. '
        Case 0x7FFFF06F
            $sExitCode = 'Error parsing function call. '
        Case 0x7FFFF070
            $sExitCode = 'Incorrect number of parameters in function call. '
        Case 0x7FFFF071
            $sExitCode = '"ReDim" used without an array variable. '
        Case 0x7FFFF072
            $sExitCode = 'Illegal text at the end of statement (one statement per line). '
        Case 0x7FFFF073
            $sExitCode = '"If" statement has no matching "EndIf" statement. '
        Case 0x7FFFF074
            $sExitCode = '"Else" statement with no matching "If" statement. '
        Case 0x7FFFF075
            $sExitCode = '"EndIf" statement with no matching "If" statement. '
        Case 0x7FFFF076
            $sExitCode = 'Too many "Else" statements for matching "If" statement. '
        Case 0x7FFFF077
            $sExitCode = '"While" statement has no matching "WEnd" statement. '
        Case 0x7FFFF078
            $sExitCode = '"WEnd" statement with no matching "While" statement. '
        Case 0x7FFFF079
            $sExitCode = 'Variable used without being declared. '
        Case 0x7FFFF07A
            $sExitCode = 'Array variable has incorrect number of subscripts or subscript dimension range exceeded. '
        Case 0x7FFFF07B
            $sExitCode = 'Variable subscript badly formatted. '
        Case 0x7FFFF07C
            $sExitCode = 'Subscript used on non-accessible variable. '
        Case 0x7FFFF07D
            $sExitCode = 'Too many subscripts used for an array. '
        Case 0x7FFFF07E
            $sExitCode = 'Missing subscript dimensions in "Dim" statement. '
        Case 0x7FFFF07F
            $sExitCode = 'No variable given for "Dim", "Local", "Global", "Static" or "Const" statement. '
        Case 0x7FFFF080
            $sExitCode = 'Expected a "=" operator in assignment statement. '
        Case 0x7FFFF081
            $sExitCode = 'Invalid keyword at the start of this line. '
        Case 0x7FFFF082
            $sExitCode = 'Array maximum size exceeded. '
        Case 0x7FFFF083
            $sExitCode = '"Func" statement has no matching "EndFunc". '
        Case 0x7FFFF084
            $sExitCode = 'Duplicate function name. '
        Case 0x7FFFF085
            $sExitCode = 'Unknown function name. '
        Case 0x7FFFF086
            $sExitCode = 'Unknown macro. '
        Case 0x7FFFF088
            $sExitCode = 'Unable to get a list of running processes. '
        Case 0x7FFFF08A
            $sExitCode = 'Invalid element in a DllStruct. '
        Case 0x7FFFF08B
            $sExitCode = 'Unknown option or bad parameter specified. '
        Case 0x7FFFF08C
            $sExitCode = 'Unable to load the internet libraries. '
        Case 0x7FFFF08D
            $sExitCode = '"Struct" statement has no matching "EndStruct". '
        Case 0x7FFFF08E
            $sExitCode = 'Unable to open file, the maximum number of open files has been exceeded. '
        Case 0x7FFFF08F
            $sExitCode = '"ContinueLoop" statement with no matching "While", "Do" or "For" statement. '
        Case 0x7FFFF090
            $sExitCode = 'Invalid file filter given. '
        Case 0x7FFFF091
            $sExitCode = 'Expected a variable in user function call. '
        Case 0x7FFFF092
            $sExitCode = '"Do" statement has no matching "Until" statement. '
        Case 0x7FFFF093
            $sExitCode = '"Until" statement with no matching "Do" statement. '
        Case 0x7FFFF094
            $sExitCode = '"For" statement is badly formatted. '
        Case 0x7FFFF095
            $sExitCode = '"Next" statement with no matching "For" statement. '
        Case 0x7FFFF096
            $sExitCode = '"ExitLoop/ContinueLoop" statements only valid from inside a For/Do/While loop. '
        Case 0x7FFFF097
            $sExitCode = '"For" statement has no matching "Next" statement. '
        Case 0x7FFFF098
            $sExitCode = '"Case" statement with no matching "Select" Or "Switch" statement. '
        Case 0x7FFFF099
            $sExitCode = '"EndSelect" statement with no matching "Select" statement. '
        Case 0x7FFFF09A
            $sExitCode = 'Recursion level has been exceeded - AutoIt will quit to prevent stack overflow. '
        Case 0x7FFFF09B
            $sExitCode = 'Cannot make existing variables static. '
        Case 0x7FFFF09C
            $sExitCode = 'Cannot make static variables into regular variables. '
        Case 0x7FFFF09D
            $sExitCode = 'Badly formated Enum statement '
        Case 0x7FFFF09F
            $sExitCode = 'This keyword cannot be used after a "Then" keyword. '
        Case 0x7FFFF0A0
            $sExitCode = '"Select" statement is missing "EndSelect" or "Case" statement. '
        Case 0x7FFFF0A1
            $sExitCode = '"If" statements must have a "Then" keyword. '
        Case 0x7FFFF0A2
            $sExitCode = 'Badly formated Struct statement. '
        Case 0x7FFFF0A3
            $sExitCode = 'Cannot assign values to constants. '
        Case 0x7FFFF0A4
            $sExitCode = 'Cannot make existing variables into constants. '
        Case 0x7FFFF0A5
            $sExitCode = 'Only Object-type variables allowed in a "With" statement. '
        Case 0x7FFFF0A6
            $sExitCode = '"long_ptr", "int_ptr" and "short_ptr" DllCall() types have been deprecated. Use "long*", "int*" and "short*" instead. '
        Case 0x7FFFF0A7
            $sExitCode = 'Object referenced outside a "With" statement. '
        Case 0x7FFFF0A8
            $sExitCode = 'Nested "With" statements are not allowed. '
        Case 0x7FFFF0A9
            $sExitCode = 'Variable must be of type "Object". '
        Case 0x7FFFF0AA
            $sExitCode = 'The requested action with this object has failed. '
        Case 0x7FFFF0AB
            $sExitCode = 'Variable appears more than once in function declaration. '
        Case 0x7FFFF0AC
            $sExitCode = 'ReDim array can not be initialized in this manner. '
        Case 0x7FFFF0AD
            $sExitCode = 'An array variable can not be used in this manner. '
        Case 0x7FFFF0AE
            $sExitCode = 'Can not redeclare a constant. '
        Case 0x7FFFF0AF
            $sExitCode = 'Can not redeclare a parameter inside a user function. '
        Case 0x7FFFF0B0
            $sExitCode = 'Can pass constants by reference only to parameters with "Const" keyword. '
        Case 0x7FFFF0B1
            $sExitCode = 'Can not initialize a variable with itself. '
        Case 0x7FFFF0B2
            $sExitCode = 'Incorrect way to use this parameter. '
        Case 0x7FFFF0B3
            $sExitCode = '"EndSwitch" statement with no matching "Switch" statement. '
        Case 0x7FFFF0B4
            $sExitCode = '"Switch" statement is missing "EndSwitch" or "Case" statement. '
        Case 0x7FFFF0B5
            $sExitCode = '"ContinueCase" statement with no matching "Select" Or "Switch" statement. '
        Case 0x7FFFF0B6
            $sExitCode = 'Assert Failed! '
        Case 0x7FFFF0B8
            $sExitCode = 'Obsolete function/parameter. '
        Case 0x7FFFF0B9
            $sExitCode = 'Invalid Exitcode (reserved for AutoIt internal use). '
        Case 0x7FFFF0BA
            $sExitCode = 'Variable cannot be accessed in this manner. '
        Case 0x7FFFF0BB
            $sExitCode = 'Func reassign not allowed. '
        Case 0x7FFFF0BC
            $sExitCode = 'Func reassign on global level not allowed. '
    Return SetError(0, $iExitCode, $sExitCode)
EndFunc   ;==>FatalErrormessageFromExitCode

Edit: There are wrapper functions in v3.3.16.1 but did not know, otherwise I'd have saved me the coding.
These func. are _FormatAutoItExitCode() and _FormatAutoItExitMethod() .

I created the post after reviewing my tracs and decided to bla, bla, bla ... , and posted :) 

Edited by argumentum
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