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Richedit Format Problem

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I have a problem with richedit.

I have created a richedit text editor and when i load a certain reg file (attached) in the middle of the window suddenly the font is changing.

How can I setup richedit, that the font i use will always stay fixed?

Thanks for assistance.

Cheers mike

HKEY.reg the file to be loaded in .txt format
HKEY.doc the file which displays the problem like in richedit.

HKEY.reg HKEY.doc

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Sorry but reg and doc files do not help us much.  Could you create a small replicable scrip that shows the issue you are facing.


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Posted (edited)

Hello again,

to make it clearer.

Load or copy the content of HKEY.txt into richedit control and you will see how it is displayed in HKEY.jpg.
After the line starting with
the font changes.
If I load or copy the content of HKEY.txt into word this is not happening; the font stays the same.

This is my problem.

What can I do, that autoit richedit control does not make this problem, say keeps the font unchanged.

I would be very happy, if someone could help me with this issue.

Cheers mike



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I found the solution.

My procedure for setting the default font must be called:

after loading a file
after pasting text

That means, if i declare this default font at the beginning of my richedit control, this is not kept for the whole editor script.

This was indeed my question:
How can the default font be kept as a fix font without beeing changed by loaded content?

Cheers mike

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