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_dirremovecontents( $spath )

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This probably should be documented better.

If you installed AutoIt with the installer, then

#include <File.au3>
; This statement usually goes at the very beginning (or very end) or your program

If you compile this script into an EXE, you do not need to distribute File.au3 with it

You can also always copy the function from "C:\Program Files\AutoIt3\Include" or where ever it is

; Code goes here
; ...
_DirRemoveContents( $someFolder )

; Function from AutoIt 3.0.100 standard library
; Author(s):        Jonathan Bennett <jon@hiddensoft com>
Func _DirRemoveContents( $sPath )
  Local $sPattern
  Local $sFile
  Local $hFile

  If StringRight( $sPath, 1 ) <> "\" Then $sPath = $sPath & "\"
  $sPattern = $sPath & "*.*"

  If Not FileExists( $sPath ) Then Return 0

  FileDelete( $sPattern )

  $hFile = FileFindFirstFile( $sPattern )
  If @error Then Return 0

  While 1
    $sFile = FileFindNextFile( $hFile )
    If @error Then ExitLoop

    If $sFile <> "." And $sFile <> ".." Then
      If StringInStr( FileGetAttrib( $sPath & $sFile ), "D" ) Then
        DirRemove( $sPath & $sFile, 1 )

  FileClose( $hFile )
  Return 1

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