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alternativ to Richedit

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I want to crate a small editor to just have minimum functions. But I want to see my changes directly (Color/Bold...). I tried it with richedit and mostly it is ok. Some functions are not included:
Sizeposition (left/center). I do not really need a RTF at the end, I have to create a html-file with the used functions.

So. If anyone have a better idea to make this -> please let me know.

I put my existing script here:

SCEDIT.ZIP includes all used JPG.

SCEdit.au3 SCEdit.zip

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You don't really need all the crap from example file. Just use the UDF functions. Here is a basic example but you can find all functions in the UDF.

#include <_SciLexer.au3>

$hMain = GUICreate('Test', 800, 600)
$Sci = Sci_CreateEditor($hMain, 0, 0, 800, 600)
GUISetState(@SW_SHOW, $hMain)

; Add some dummy text
Sci_AddLines($Sci, 'Hello world!', 1)

Until GUIGetMsg() = -3


When the words fail... music speaks.

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