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Sequence Of Keys

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Guest oxygen

First of all, to pardon my English:

I want to make script to send a sequence of keys, this sequence has a time interval between a pulsation and another one.

The sequence is ALT+F+C+T, ALT (pressed) time interval + F (pressed) time interval + C (pressed) but time interval + T

Thanks for everything. A greeting.


Quiero hacer un script para enviar una secuencia de teclas, esta secuencia tiene un intervalo de tiempo entre una pulsacion y otra.

La secuencia es ALT+F+C+T, ALT (presionada) intervalo de tiempo + F (presionada) intervalo de tiempo + C (presionada) mas intervalo de tiempo + T

Gracias por todo. Un saludo.

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no.. you should post these kind of support requests in the "v3 Support" forum, this one is intended for :

A forum for authors of cool scripts and UDFs to share their wares, and to share awareness of external apps that can be integrated with AutoIt v3.

Anyway... did you check the helpfile for the Send command to see what it can do ?

;The sequence is ALT+F+C+T,


;ALT (pressed)


;time interval

Sleep(????) ; in msecs


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What about using a large key delay?

Opt("SendKeyDelay",1000) ; Wait 1 second between keys


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