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Control popups activity

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I'm having the following problem:

The objective of my script is to open a web page, fulfil some fields and then open another web page do the same and so on, but when I change a field a popup appears that I have also to fulfil, and before I can pass to the other web page I have to wait that previous one ends it's process. I already tried to use winWaitActive but dont work, the script continues as if the previous page had already stopped.

What I need is a way to control the activity of the pop up.

Can anyone help me on this?



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I'm a niewbie with Autoit, can you tell me how can i do that?

Thanks a lot,


Check out this UDF: IE.AU3

I had to do a simular task and this UDF helps so much! Enjoy!

Also did you install SCITE? If you did in the SCITE folder is an application called SCRIPTWRITER. That is what will help you auto write scripts.

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