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Resolution of second monitor?

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I'm trying to write a small simple script (all mine are small and simple as I'm just beginning) that will log me in to multiple applications if I am on my corprate network. The problem I'm having is that while at work I use a dual monitor and depending on where I sit I may be at a different resolution. I'd like to keep my applications evenly distributed around the screen. My laptop LCD is always at 1400x1050, which makes the programming simple, but the second monitor will be 800x600, 1024x768, 1280x960, or 1600x1200 depending on my location.

Long story short (yes I did search the forums for a bit), I need to know how to get the resolution of the second monitor @DeskopWidth and @DesktopHeight seem always to return 1400 and 1050 respectivly. Also, how do you tell if the second monitor is even enabled, since sometimes I don't even have the second monitor.


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I did a quick search and found this:

You may wan to check under:


Hope it helps

But I checked the key and I didn't find anything of use. You should atleast check though. I also found a post by someone with the exact same question with no replies so I don't know if this has ever been solved. I definately suggest googling around for a registry key that has the resolutions since it's probably your best bet.
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Connect your laptop to the first monitor, export the registry, repeat for each monitor and then do a file compare on the exported registry files to see what is different. Look for these changes in your script. Share the results of your findings for our benefit.

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