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DLLCall in the background?

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Hello (me again - sorry!),

I want to use DLLCall with the AnimateWindow function to animate a transition between two (usually fullscreen) windows. To start with, I'd like to slide one window out of the screen while sliding another one in from the other side. To do this I need to run AnimateWindow simultaneously on two windows. But DLLCall waits until the DLL process completes before it goes to the next command. Is there a way of making it work in the background - equivalent to Run vs. RunWait?

I tried encapsulating the functionality in a compiled script with command-line args and Run()ning that, but it didn't work at all - it's as if the DLL call started and then immediately stopped; it draws the window border but that's it.



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w0uter, is not say transparecy ... look a example:

SplashImageOn ( "title", "file" [, width [, height [, x pos [, y pos [, opt]]]]] )

So... wouter is he need use DLLCALL same SplashImageOn

Well i no have sure ning said!

Look a examle:


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