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Kodawrapper - prototype

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Simple post processing by search and replace would do the trick.

in text fields use *$myvar*, this includes combo lists and default text.


all => "* <= get removed as well as all => *" <=

close to the top of my form I keep a list of variables I am using as I work with the koda form.

If I'm understand problem correct, Koda support this feature natively. You can use substitution like %MY_VAR% in the text and enable "Expand %var% variables" option when generating code. In result code %MY_VAR% will be correctly replaced by $MY_VAR.

%EXPVARINITCODE% is placeholder for initialization of those expanded variables. So for example above, in result will be generated:


Of course, you can remove this from template and declare variables youself.

And finally don't forget, that now Koda have "Update script" function, that did the Kodawrapper's job.

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