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Newb Here; Need Help Please.

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You might want to look at the Notepad tutorial in the helpfile for starters. I found it by using the search and typing in "notepad".

You can also use the helpfile for most other questions - it has very detailed information on every function available to AutoIt.

It would also be handy to post the code you currently have - it is much easier for the other members to debug your code that way. If there aren't any errors and you just can't figure out how to do it, that's a little different. The following code may be what you're looking for:

$OpenFile = FileOpen ("YourFile.txt", 2); open the file in write mode, erasing old contents
For $i = 65 To 90
    For $j = 65 To 90
        For $k = 65 To 90
            FileWriteLine($OpenFile, Chr ($i) & Chr ($j) & Chr ($k))
FileClose ($OpenFile)
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