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Controling Non-standard Controls?

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so, we've got this really expensive risk analysis application that uses stupid non-standard controls and has no built in way to launch it's 12 hour long proccessing jobs. So, we're trying to build one. Here's the rub, it uses stupid, non-standard controls. I've got to select one or more items from a list, but the list can change depending on what the users put in it, if someone saves something called "2004 ..." the item called "2005 ..." moves down one, and the MouseClick that's supposed to hit the "2005 ..." hits the wrong thing and you don't know about it until 12 hours later when the job is done. The control doesn't allow key commands, like hitting "k" to jump to the first item named "KW3000 sucks" so sending keys to jump to an item doesn't work.

Here's a screen shot of one of the windows we're trying to control, along with the autoit spy open.

Changing the selected item in the list doesn't change anything in the spy window, and ControlCommand FindString doesn't find the names of the items in the list, SetCurrentSelection gives an error. ControlGetText just returns the "Consolidations" text that tags the control.

I think that's about all of what I've tried... any more ideas from you scripting gurus?



"I'm not even supposed to be here today!" -Dante (Hicks)

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Edit menu:






Options just has to do with refreshing the list.

The same items from the edit menu pop up when you right click an item...

and if you select Edit, it pops up another window which does show the consolidation name in a text field that autspy sees, so I suppose I can have it move down the list, selecting each item and bringing up the edit dialog to see what the name of it is, if it's the wanted name (which they may want more than one of) and then use a combination of arrow movements and ctrl-click to select the wanted consolidations... damn. what a cluster f***

"I'm not even supposed to be here today!" -Dante (Hicks)

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