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Using Iniwrite On The System.ini

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Ok I am fairly new to AutoIT but have been getting along so far. I am trying to make an entry in the system.ini file under the [mci] section. I can not get it to work at all. I get no error message, nothing. if I change the section to any of the oter sections or create a new section the ini file edit works correctly.

Here is the line, with $Files being the full path to the system.ini:

IniWrite($files, "mci", "poop", "true")

What gives? Anyone else run across this?

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test the returncode to see what happends:

$rc=IniWrite($files, "mci", "poop", "true")
if $rc then
  ; Success: Returns 1. 
  ; Failure: Returns 0 if file is read-only. 

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Strange... Really strange.

Same behavior here on Windows XP Pro sp1. I can write to other sections but not mci.... My system.ini file looks like:

; for 16-bit app support



Edit: It does not even work on a copy of the file :D Bug in IniWrite?

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Not unless you can see a bug in the code, which is tiny:

void AutoIt_Script::IniWrite(VectorVariant &vParams, Variant &vResult)
    char    szFileTemp[_MAX_PATH+1];

    // Get the fullpathname (ini functions need a full path) 
    Util_GetFullPathName(vParams[0].szValue(), szFileTemp);

    if (WritePrivateProfileString(vParams[1].szValue(), vParams[2].szValue(), vParams[3].szValue(), szFileTemp))
  WritePrivateProfileString(NULL, NULL, NULL, szFileTemp);  // Flush
  vResult = 0;       // Error, default is 1

} // IniWrite()

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I get messed up results on this particular file all the way around. I can't even begin to explain it, but I can actually get it to set stuff that doesn't appear (IniWrite) then read that back in (IniRead), yet my text editor (Nor DOS edit) show any of what I'm reading/writing.

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