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If anyone is intersted (GAFROST, SmOke, CHRISL, VALUATER?!)

in what i have been trying to acheive (and its been bloody hard!) then please read on.

PS. RON, Im not here this weekend im taking a long rest this has been a real strain on me; so happy birthday for saturday! I hope you sippin some tenesse whiskey for me!

Im not finished but here is a working stable release of a backup system that can backup a single machine or a windows server it is installed on, and/or microsoft exchange server (or any other email system), and active directory, dns, dhcp, IIS, any database you like and up to 60 network devices (shares) with full email reporting functions! AND with no downtime to your systems!

Fully automatic, no user intervention, non-stop. FULL reporting system.

Can backup onto a usb drive, usb keyring, network drive, internet backup/website - anything!

I have a thank you coming to Auto ITscript.com but i also owe all of you who have helped a HUGE thank you!

Thank you.

GAF you are a clever man!

SmOke, moody but a genius!

ChrisL - Like an angel that came to save me

Valuatur? - I cant spell - you are like the controller of all who just drops in sometimes when the mortals cant get moving, with your single passing post you put all to right!

Mega! Thanks !

everyone else whos posted to me - THANK U!

May I introduce Q-Backup


Here is the installation guide www.qualit-uk.com/backup/qbsetup.htm

Here is the manual www.qualit-uk.com/backup/qbmanual.htm

Any feedback on this initial public release will be greatly appreciated, anyone who likes it and wants to use it please email me sales@qualit-uk.com for a free license.

Edited by Qual-IT London

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