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Problems With For...next And While...wend

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I've got a problem. My For... doesn't work anymore.

I replaced the For... with While...WEnd.

It says:

Error: "Wend" statement with no matching "While" statement

The same thing with For....

Can someone look:

Func SearchAND($ReadLine)
$FoundNum = 0

;======Start MultiWords
If $MultiWords = "Yes" Then

;=====Start searching each word
$num = 1

While $i <= $Words[0]
;=====Check match
$Found = StringInStr($ReadLine, $Words[$num])

If $Ignore[0] > 0 Then
$num = $Ignore[0] + 1

$Ignore[$num] = StringInStr($ReadLine, "Temporary Internet Files")

$exc = 1
$Ignore = StringInStr($ReadLine, $Ignore[$exc])
;=======Ignore certain words
If $Ignore > 0 Then $Found = 0
$exc = $exc + 1
Until $exc = $Ignore[0]

If $Found > 0 Then
$FoundNum = $FoundNum + 1

;========End searching for words
$i = $i + 1

If $FoundNum = $Words[0] Then
$Found = 1
$FoundSomething = "yes"
$Found = 0

;=======If not MultiWords.........

;=====Check match
$Found = StringInStr($ReadLine, $Words)

$Ignore = StringInStr($ReadLine, "Temporary Internet Files")

If $Ignore > 0 Then $Found = 0


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btw, you would have the same issue with for...next and do..until. Same type error would come up.

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