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Gui Button Control Silent Background

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Hi All,

I'm a newbie to autoit script but i did use it a year ago.

I've used simple scripts to send keys, mouse clicks etc

But is it possible to send a command e.g. to a Window directly not via mouse or keyboard.

E.g. I am running a uninstallation script for installshield and doing the uninstall of an application but as part of the uninstall it doesn't run silently it pops up with a window and all it has it a OK button and checkboxs. I've got it to work fine, but I want to know if its possible to run this silently when I send this via SMS and it will be a background task.

I've looked on the forums and know that when the PC is locked via ctrl-alt-del the keyboard and mouse commands won't work. SO i don't want to use the send command.

This will need to run completly in the background, as SMS jobs are sent in the background so would need to send the command to the window directly, but not sure how to do that via autoit or if its even possible.

any help would be appricated.



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Try looking in the helpfile under Control*. In order to use these correctly you're going to need info that you can get from Au3Info.exe (Control IDs specifically).

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