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Parsing Csv Files

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; AutoIt 3 code to read a .csv file line by line


; notes

; 1. this does not rely purely on - StringSplit($line, ",") which does NOT handle quoted fields with commas correctly

; 2. it assumes that the first line of the .csv file contains column headings

; 3. this version contains FileWrite instructions so you may see the input and output to validate the code

;example of .csv data handled (plus semi-colon)


;1,2,Hello world,wow, asdasd asdasd,,

;"Hello, World",wow, asdasd asdasd,,,,

;"Hello1, World1",wow1, asdasd1 asdasd1,,,,

;"Hello2, World2",wow2, asdasd2 asdasd2,,,,

;This is Field1,Field2,Field3,Field4,field5,field6,"Field7,8,9"

Dim $handle, $file, $line, $l, $f, $result, $len, $part

$file = FileOpen("trial.csv", 0) ; input file

; Check if file opened for reading OK

If $file = -1 Then

MsgBox(0, "Error", "Unable to open file.")



$handle = FileOpen("trial.txt", 2) ; output file

While 1 ; Read in lines of text until the EOF is reached

$line = FileReadLine($file)

If @error = -1 Then ExitLoop

FileWrite($handle, $line & @CRLF)

$l = $l + 1

$f = 0

;for MANY .csv files, the first line contains the headings - this is assumed here

if $l = 1 then

$Heading = StringSplit($line, ",")

$Column = $Heading

else ; data rows (not headings)

; test if the file line contains a quote, if it does do not use -StringSplit- on comma

$result = StringInStr($line, """")

if $result > 0 then

$len = StringLen($line)

While StringLen($line) > 0

if StringMid($line, 1, 1 ) = """" then ; field is quoted, so goto next quote

$f = $f + 1

$part = StringMid($line,2, StringInStr($line,"""",1,2)-2)

$line = StringMid($line, StringLen($part) + 4)

$Column[$f] = $part

else ; unquoted field, goto next comma

$f = $f + 1

$part = StringMid($line,1, StringInStr($line,",",1,1)-1)

$line = StringMid($line, StringLen($part) + 2)

$Column[$f] = $part



else ; otherwise the file line has no quotes and we can -StringSpilt- using comma

$Column = StringSplit($line, ",")

endif ; do lines contain quoted fields

endif ; heading or data row

for $i = 1 to $Column[0]

FileWrite($handle, $Column[$i] & "|")


FileWrite($handle, @CRLF & @CRLF)

wend ; finish reading input file

FileClose($handle) ; output file

;example output, note the use of | as alternative deleimiter




;1,2,Hello world,wow, asdasd asdasd,,

;1|2|Hello world|wow| asdasd asdasd|||


;"Hello, World",wow, asdasd asdasd,,,,

;Hello, World|wow| asdasd asdasd|||||


;"Hello1, World1",wow1, asdasd1 asdasd1,,,,

;Hello1, World1|wow1| asdasd1 asdasd1|||||


;"Hello2, World2",wow2, asdasd2 asdasd2,,,,

;Hello2, World2|wow2| asdasd2 asdasd2|||||


;This is Field1,Field2,Field3,Field4,field5,field6,"Field7,8,9"

;This is Field1|Field2|Field3|Field4|field5|field6|Field7,8,9|



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$line = 'This is Field1,"Field2,3,4"'
$split = StringSplit($line, ',')
For $i = 1 to $split[0]
    MsgBox(0, "", $split[$i])

will result in:

$split[1] = This is Field1

$split[2] = "Field2

$split[3] = 3

$split[4] = 4"

but this is not the correct interpretation of a quoted field.

$line contains only 2 comma separated fields

This is Field1


hence $split = StringSplit($line, ',') is way too literal, it splits within a quoted field - which is not wanted

The purpose of my snippet was to suggest a way to treat CSV data "a la" Excel and others, which is vital to my needs.

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