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Hi, Im New Here Looking For Some Help

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Guest michaelG

hi all,

i want to create a simple bot to double click... :D

i read Autoit help files, but havn't realy understood how i actualy start the script im using...

vasicly i want the macro to:

1) switch to a window (another program).

2) 3 double click commands with 1 sec pauses (sleep 1000) -

i have a macro runing on the other program - so i only need the double clicking.

3) pause for 2-4 secs, i'll need to tune it manualy.

4) loop steps 2-3, till i press a key (lets say escape, but i hope it won't colide with the other program's escape usege)

5) end program compleatly (i.e dump the script) when i press another key combination (lets say ctrl-alt-F12 or something)

i'd be glad for any help, as i said im new at autoit,

i have a bit of programming experiance, but i guess not enough :huh2:

thx from advnce,


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Well, this should help get you started:




; adjust the $x and $y coordinates as needed

$x = 10

$y = 19

MouseClick ( "left" , $x, $y, 2)


MouseClick ( "left" , $x, $y, 2)


MouseClick ( "left" , $x, $y, 2)




While 1

sleep(100) ;prevent maxing-out your CPU

; body of script goes here


#4 continued and #5

See the example of HotKeySet in the help file

HotKeySet("^!{F12}", "Terminate")

Func Terminate()



See the "Using AutoIt/Running scripts" section in the help file for details of running a script.

Hope that helps

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