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Change Settings In Hotsync Manager

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so, my Visor was hanging up while trying to sync without being connected to the Outlook server, so I found that by changing the settings to not sync outlook, it worked fine. This taking all of like, 20 clicks or something was obviously unacceptable, so I spent a hour or two writing this... and since I went and did that, I figured I'd better post it here, so that someday it might be worth something to someone... you know, more than the learning experiance it was for me...

You may need to change things a bit if you have different conduits installed, your milage may vary, etc...

EnsureExists( "HotSync Manager", "", @ProgramFilesDir & "\Handspring\HOTSYNC.EXE")

WinSetState("HotSync Manager", "", @SW_SHOW)
WinMenuSelectItem("HotSync Manager", "", "&Options", "&Custom...")
ControlFocus("Custom", "", "ListBox1")
ControlSend("Custom", "", "ListBox1", "{down}{down}!+c")
ControlSend("Custom", "", "ListBox1", "{down}!+c")
ControlSend("Custom", "", "ListBox1", "{down}!+c")
ControlSend("Custom", "", "ListBox1", "{down}!+c")
ControlClick("Custom", "", "Button1")
WinSetState("HotSync Manager", "", @SW_HIDE)
MsgBox(0, "hotsync change complete", "sync with outlook disabled" & @CRLF & "   Now you can hit hotsync")

  ;EnsureExists checks for the title and text of a program, if they're not present it launches the $szLaunch app. then brings that app to the front.
   If Not WinExists($SZTITLE, $SZTEXT) Then
   WinWait($SZTITLE, $SZTEXT, 90)
   While Not WinActive($SZTITLE, $SZTEXT)
      WinActivate($SZTITLE, $SZTEXT)
   WinWaitActive($SZTITLE, $SZTEXT, 90)
EndFunc  ;==>EnsureExists

Func DoNothing()
  ;DoNothing selects Do Nothing and clicks Ok in the Change HotSync Action window
   WinWait("Change HotSync Action")
   ControlClick("Change HotSync Action", "", "Button4");click Do Nothing
   ControlClick("Change HotSync Action", "", "Button6");click Ok
EndFunc  ;==>DoNothing

Edit: In the interests of giving credit where credit is due EnsureExists is a derivative of EnsureActive that Larry posted.

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