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Selecting An Item From The Scheduled Tasks List

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I've got a bit of code together which selects the correct item, but I am unable to trigger the open.

Run("explorer ::{D6277990-4C6A-11CF-8D87-00AA0060F5BF}")
WinWait("Scheduled Tasks","")
$CLVItem = ControlListView("Scheduled Tasks","","SysListView321","FindItem","PROFILE_CLEANUP")
ControlListView("Scheduled Tasks","","SysListView321","SelectClear")
ControlListView("Scheduled Tasks","","SysListView321","Select",$CLVItem)
ControlListView("Scheduled Tasks","","SysListView321","Select",$CLVItem)

It finds the right item in the list "PROFILE_CLEANUP" - so how can I trigger the double click of it to open it?

Background - the task is created by schtasks, but I am unable to config the power management settings (e.g. don't run if on battery!) using schtasks so I want to trigger the GUI version after the fact to enable them.

Sorry if this is a newbie question also. :)


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