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ControlSend with special keys ( v.83 )

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The only one that doesn't work for me is ALT combos like !f. I had some code that almost got it to work (brought up a menu) but it failed when the window was not active so I removed it.

{ENTER} works fine here under XP though.

Edit: Just tested {ENTER} under 95 and it works here.

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This is the sort of code I've been testing:

If WinExists("Document - WordPad") Then
    WinActivate("Document - WordPad")

WinWaitActive("Document - WordPad")

ControlSend("Document - WordPad", "", "RICHEDIT50W1", "1234{ENTER}{LEFT 2}{ASC 65}")

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Sorry, I was just testing it out and home and this is the one machine I didn't update.

Every command works great for me now.

It was pretty funny since I had all the {} command in one file.

Anyhow My appologies, and I couldn't edit my post fast enough.

...edit CHR() work fine as well. and {enter} works on win2000 as well

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for ControlSetText(), i need to press the ENTER key so that, application validates the input and fills up other related fields with corresponding values. If no enter key pressed, other fields won't be filled up.

Seems ControlsetText() does not support {ENTER} key for Edit boxes.

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