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Issues With Mcafee 80i, And Hidden Control Id's

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Ok, so I have an upcoming rollout and need to automate this install of Mcafee Corporate edition 80i.

I have it kicking off just fine, and pass the first few screens no problem... but then...

I am having issues with changing the "license expiry type" from the default (1 year Subscription) to "perpetual"...

In the Active Window info box the Control is hidden, and displays the same info before and after it is selected, except for the "Visable Window Text"... I don't know how to get around this... yet

this is causing me quite the headache :)

How viable is it to use mouse coordinates, when the display resolution will vary from machine to machine?

if anyone has any suggestions... they would be GREATLY(!!!!!!!) appreciated.

to see what in the hell I am talking about, check it our for your self... and you will see what I mean... I know that am still learning this tool... but this one has got me

you can download the (zipped up) .exe file that I am trying to install here:


Thanks again


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You could always do something like Send("{Tab}") to move to the next selection and then when u get to ur perpetual check box send spacebar or if it is a button send enter.

EDIT: type

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