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Guest cowsmanaut

appears to work. Though I had to examine the code before I realised it saved the TXT file into a new folder. Had not noticed the folder before and there was no indication of a file saving. That combined with a Save tabs are not working error I just assumed it wasn't working.

Anyway, all in all seems to be doing what it's supposed to. However, as I said it'd be nice to determine myself where the file should be saved and what it should be called. perhaps a project for me to examine myself since I'm slowly trying to learn this stuff :D


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I made this to quickly create notes and automatically save.

- When you exit the tabs are saved.

- And when you go to another tab or date the tabs are saved too.

If you want to save a note some place:



- Windows key+R

- notepad (enter)



Anyways. I updated the script in case you're interested.

When you press Save Tab you will get a Save File dialog.

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